Our work program 2020-21

Over the past 12 months SCF has delivered an important body of work that we are already building on. Our aim is to make secure mobility accessible to organizations of all sizes. In the year ahead we will focus on Private networks and edge, Neutral host requirements, Planning and automation, 5G products, components and networks.

SCF235: Private networks with small cells

This was published in April 2020 and lays the foundations for all our 2020-21 work on private networks.

Private networks: requirements for ports

Management solutions for private networks

Industrial IoT and small cells

Edge computing: ­ addressing the spec gaps

Options for indoor cellular: mobilizing the enterprise

Neutral host: technology requirements

SCF230: Precision planning with AI/ML

This was published in September 2019 and will be followed by a series of outputs aimed at enabling more effective planning and automation for 5G networks.

Split option 6 management: Netconf/YANG

SCF 5G FAPI suite specifications

Published in March 2020 this specification suite will continue to be maintained and evolved in the months and years ahead.

5G FAPI suite updates

Small cell product definition

5G nFAPI: comprising P5 & P7, timing and sync aspects