Private networks: requirements for ports

Private networks are an important area of work for SCF in 2020. The synergies between small cells and private networks are obvious. Our aim now is to evolve trusted connectivity solutions that scale. To this end, we are focussing our attention on maritime ports – in part because this is a sector that has already recognized the need for private network solutions, but also because digitization and automation are important for the ports business model.

SCF has a reputation for working with enterprise to evolve secure cellular connectivity solutions for specific verticals – most recently hospitality, healthcare and commercial property.

Our focus now is on maritime ports and our aim is to support the need for private cellular networks solutions that scale by:

  • Better understanding the requirements of a sector already showing early signs of traction – not just ports per se, but also associated logistics/transport infrastructure.
  • Explore how best to create a core solution blueprint on which specific deployments can be developed.

We have recruited an advisory panel of port authorities and their tenants. Through meetings and workshops, our aim is to get a better understanding of the connectivity requirements going forward for a broad range of ports globally. These requirements will be published in a report available to the ports and telecom industries. The next step will be to create technical connectivity blueprints that take into account on-site network requirements and the ways in which such networks integrate with external networks serving other transport and data requirements. The aim is to avoid reinventing the wheel for each port.