Private cellular networks with small cells

We published this comprehensive market position paper in April 2020. It lays foundations for a larger program of work in the enterprise-critical area of private networks, where small cells play a central role.

Private networks provide higher quality, more secure mobile connectivity than WiFi, and have a more extensive ecosystem of technology suppliers, system integrators and service providers than proprietary solutions. Cellular devices also have the capability to roam seamlessly between private and public global mobile networks. With LTE technology, new types of spectrum and the emergence of a new breed of service providers, commercial conditions are ripe for enterprises and government to leverage small cell-based private networks for their business-critical and mission-critical connectivity needs. This work focusses on understanding how early adopters are using private cellular networks to better achieve their commercial and operational goals.

Our deployment examples demonstrate how small cells and private networks have a natural synergy. LTE-based solutions have already been commercially deployed in a wide-range of settings – from retail and tourism to industrial warehousing and ports, educational campuses, and transportation and logistics.

The objective here is to help enterprise, industry and government understand the potential benefits of private networks to support their digital connectivity needs, while helping private network service providers better understand the benefits which are most valued by the different types of customer.

In this video presentation, Keyur Brahmbhatt of Extenet Systems and SCF work item lead for private networks, provides an overview of the Release document