Small cells and industrial IoT

A year or so back we published 5G era IoT use cases and enterprise small cells, completing a three-part series addressing the three cornerstones of the 5G business model. We have just launched a new work stream that aims to provide a practical guide to how small cells and IIoT can play together.

Small cells are a compelling solution to the many connectivity requirements of different industrial IoT services, delivering secure and reliable connectivity cost-effectively.

Small cells can be used to fill gaps and achieve true universal coverage, including indoors. Critically, they can provide hotspots of capacity where huge numbers of sensors and devices need to be supported in a small area, and their low power levels fit well with the low-energy nature of many IIoT use cases.

SCF's work in this area aims to provide businesses with practical, business-focussed blueprints to start on their IoT journey. It also helps stakeholders decide on their first priorities for addressing this new opportunity, and advocates a platform approach which will maximize the return on investment in IoT and enterprise small cells, and avoid technology or commercial dead ends.