Edge computing and

small cells

Edge computing is emerging as a significant opportunity for network operators, and one that can enhance the business case for 4G and 5G in multiple ways. Because the edge cloud is, by its nature, highly distributed, it has clear synergies with small cells.

Our recent publication, Small cells and edge computing, identifies where there are existing interfaces and resources, and where there are gaps. The ‘edge network’ has to work in concert with the ‘core network’ via open interfaces and APIs to enable a true multi-vendor ecosystem. Our initial work indicates that current specifications are incomplete and need enhancements.

The next phase of our edge initiative will address those spec gaps by working on new interfaces, guided by the requirements of our members.

The output of the work will include blueprints, reference-designs and solutions for open-source edge computing platforms that are urgently required for rapid growth of the edge compute ecosystem.