5G FAPI suite

In March 2020 we released three new specifications within our landmark family of common interfaces, 5G FAPI. These are some of SCF's most important outputs and have already been downloaded by thousands of engineers.

This series of documents includes a fully updated release of the 5G PHY API, as well as APIs for RF and digital front end control, and for network monitor mode.

Together, the three documents provide a robust set of APIs to enable fully open, multi-vendor 5G small cell designs down to chip level. Openness at this level is essential as it provides the foundation for a broad ecosystem of interoperable components and products. That, in turn, provides operators with access to maximum levels of innovation, vendor choice and cost efficiency.

Driving open interfaces from chip to network to applications layers has been at the heart of our work since Small Cell Forum’s formation. The 3G and 4G FAPI specifications have been widely deployed, and open architectures like this will be even more critical in 5G, which will support an unprecedented level of density, and will only be practical with cost efficiency and open interoperability.

SCF will continue to maintain and evolve these specifications for the industry.

Below the SCF work item leads for each of the three 5G FAPI APIs present a video summary of the documents and give further insight into the specifications