5G FAPI suite development

Our landmark family of common interfaces, 5G FAPI has already gained strong industry traction and explicitly encourages and enables fully open, multi-vendor 5G small cell designs down to chip level.

Our latest FAPI specifications are the result of intensive activity by an expert working group, which includes representatives from across the range of small cell vendors, component providers and operators. They add 5G capabilities to the widely deployed 3G and 4G specs, and provide common logical interfaces for the main components of a 5G small cell.

Our work will continue in this area, as we extend and update the specifications and work with other organizations to align our APIs with other existing RAN options.

Our future work in this area this year and in 2021 will include:

  • Ongoing maintenance of the API
  • Ongoing collaboration with OpenAirInterface.org (OAI) to build open source reference implementations
  • Corrections discovered during implementation
  • Alignment with 225 nFAPI as it emerges
  • Alignment with O-RAN, potentially related to management plane
  • 3GPP Release 16